• “The Effects of State-level Pharmacist Regulations on Generic Substitution of Prescription Drugs” (with Douglas Barthold, Health Economics, 2018,

  • “Admission Mechanisms and Mismatches between Colleges and Students: Evidence from Large Field Data in China” (with Shiyu Bo, Jing Liu, Ji-liang Shiu,Sen Zhou, Economics of Education Review, 2018,

Working Papers

  • “Media Attention and Choice of Major: Evidence from Violence Against Doctors in China”,(with Shiyu Bo, Joy Chen, Sen Zhou, revise and resubmit, Journal of Economic and Behavior Organization)
  • “Sophistication and Cautiousness in College Applications”,(with Kentaro Tomoeda and Xiaoyu Xia)

Work in Progress

  • “Gender Gap in Test Scores: Evidence from China”,
  • “Non-linear Features in the New Cooperative Medical Scheme and Impacts on Health”, (with Jie Ma,Bo Zhou)
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